08 April 2010

Today's Gratitude: Medications

I am not a person who enjoys taking medication and I often forgo it in favor of natural remedies or just toughing it out. Unfortunately, I have a few medical conditions that I absolutely need to take medication for and I am so grateful to have these medicines. I recently misplaced one of these medicines, the one for my thyroid, and have been without it for several days now. I did contact the pharmacy and will pick up another bottle tonight. Having been without it for a few days, I am beginning to feel the effects of not having it and that increases my gratitude. It has been several years since I started taking this medicine and I have enjoyed feeling "normal" with it. I cannot imagine being able to function without it and it is sad to know that there ARE people who go through life undiagnosed and without this, and other, necessary medications. I am thankful that I have not had to go without it and that I have always had either the means to get it myself or the resources to get it elsewhere, either from a clinic or straight from the manufacturer.

In our often over-medicated society, I am definitely thankful for the discovery of these necessary medications.

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