13 April 2010

Today's Gratitude: Drive-In Theaters

My husband surprised us on Friday night with a family date to Silver Lake Drive-In in nearby Perry. Going to the drive-in is a favorite pastime for us and one we all look forward to every summer. There are a few drive-in theaters within an hour drive from us, but Silver Lake has become our favorite. We love the playground area they have and the food they sell is reasonably priced and tastes good. As the weather warms up, they also have different activities each night of the week, including Chicken BBQs, Cruise Nights, Country Line Dancing, and karaoke. Miniature golf on an Old Western themed course opens this weekend. On top of all that, our family of 6 got to watch two newly released movies for the price it would cost my husband and I to go watch one in a regular theater. We also have the option of bringing our own snacks and food from home if we choose to, or need to based on our budget. We do not need to worry about our kids aggravating nearby patrons if they act up which is a relief to us parents with little ones. Silver Lake also has outdoor speakers, so if you choose and weather allows, you can bring blankets or chairs and sit on the lawn to watch the movies. We take the seats out of our van and set them up in front of the van so the kids can watch the movie while sitting outside. We also bring a wireless speaker in case we end up parking too far from the outdoor speakers. We just hook it up to our car radio and then set it out by the kids. I am thankful to have found a great drive-in theater. When we go to Silver Lake, it is more than just going to the movies, it is an experience and one that we enjoy, and can afford, doing on a regular basis.

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