24 November 2009


I love photographs. They have the ability to take you back to a time and place and evoke powerful memories. Even photos of places you have not been and of people you do not know, allow you to imagine the experience. They tell stories without words and allow you to see how people and places change over time. I love looking through scrapbooks and photo albums to relive experiences. I also love professional portraits, especially when they manage to perfectly capture the subject's personality. They allow you to see who that person really is/was and are wonderful items to pass on to future generations. I love photographs.

Related to this, if you would like to see my family's most recent portraits, and have the chance to win a 10x10 specialty portrait of your own, be sure to check out this post on The Happy Wife, one of my other blogs.

02 November 2009

Baby steps

I have been failing to meet my goal of publishing at least one post a week here and I again apologize. I am working on posting more often, and I have lots I want to share. I just need to actually sit down and type it all out. I have currently been posting about once a month and I will continue that, but my new adjusted goal is twice a month. Once I get that down, I will go for once a week and then hopefully, even more often.

I often find that when I set my goals, I set them high and I do not provide a plan to reach them. By following what I stated above, I have put in place the baby steps I need to reach my bigger goal of posting 2-3 times a week. When we give ourselves baby steps, we are better able to reach them and therefore have several times when we have the feeling of accomplishment. Plus, if we are unable to reach our larger goal, each baby step we did reach, improves our lives anyway, just on a smaller scale. I did the same thing when I wanted to lose weight. My goal was to lose about 150 pounds. My baby steps were to eat whole grains at least twice a day, eat a rainbow of colors every day, cut out soda completely, increase my activity and to limit myself on sweets and fatty foods. I also had even smaller steps for each of those goals. I ended up losing 80 pounds (which I have since gained back after having 2 more children), but now I know I can lose the weight and I still eat more whole grains, fruits and veggies than before. As a matter of fact, I am going to add the weight loss to my list of goals. I will try to post my progress as I go along. I guess my first baby step will need to be to get all this Halloween candy out of my house ;0)