22 January 2009

Dijon Mustard

Ok, I know that seems like such a random thing to love, but I have been craving Dijon Mustard on just about everything lately. No, I am not pregnant, I just love the tangy taste of it. I have been using it on hot dogs, soft pretzels, in casseroles, and (my current personal favorite) turkey sandwiches with mayo. There is no specific brand I like better than others, I just love them all. I do, however, check my ingredient list because I prefer to avoid alcohol (especially if it is "uncooked") and some Dijon mustards contain white wine. How about all of you, what is your favorite condiment?

17 January 2009

My oldest daughters and my dear husband

As I said in my last post, I have learned several things over the past few weeks as I have been feeling ill. The love you all have for me is one, but I have also been reminded just how much my sweet family loves me as well.

The other day, my headache had me bed-ridden for much of the day. My older daughters (who really are not that old, 6 and 7 years to be exact), were incredibly helpful with keeping the babies (7 months and 2 years) happy, healthy and clean. Of course, these are the same girls who helped me keep things running during both of my difficult pregnancies, when I was on complete bedrest, as well. They may be young, but they are very independent and capable young ladies. On top of doing their chores and helping with the babies, they thought what mommy really needed was a "get well soon" party. They made, and helped the 2 year old make, get-well cards for me and wrapped up gifts for me. The gifts were things they had received for Christmas, and as my oldest said, "made them happy, so they figured they would help me too". They set the "party" up in their bedroom, which they cleaned up first and "decorated", and designed an invitation for me on my computer. On a humerous note, they mistakenly typed that it was a "Get Wet Soon" party, so I asked if that was a hint that I needed to shower. When I thanked them for the party but explained that I just was not feeling well enough to attend a party, they told me they had made up a bed for me in their room. How could I resist? My babies showered me with love and then put on a special play they had "written" (it was more like improv, but it was sweet none-the-less). They then fluffed my pillows on my bed, so I could return to it, and re-cleaned their room, all while continuing to care for the littler ones. (As a side note- although I was in bed, I was very aware of what was going on with the babies at all times and available for any emergencies.)

Now onto my amazing husband. My dear husband currently works both a full-time and a part-time job so that I can stay home with our children. His part-time job is a retail job so for much of November and all of December, he was working 70-80+ hours a week. January is very much looked forward to by all of us as he returns to a lighter schedule of 50-55 hours a week. Of course, my being sick for much of January, I have been unable to keep up with household tasks such as laundry and cooking. My husband has graciously stepped in and given me a helping hand, as he has in the past when I needed it, without complaint and without being asked. He calls before coming home to ask what I need so that I can put off going shopping a little longer and he rents good family movies so the kids and I can curl up in bed during the day and enjoy watching something we all will enjoy. He knows I can only stand so much Barney/Sesame Street/Word Girl and they can only tolerate so much Martha Stewart/Price Is Right/local news. I know I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and I am so thankful to have him in my life.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I love my children and I love my husband so, so much and I thank my Heavenly Father for them daily.

Shannon and my other readers

I know I have expressed my gratitude in the past to my loyal readers who have stuck by me even through my unexplained, extended absences, but I do not think I can ever say exactly how much you all mean to me. Your kind words and virtual hugs truly brighten my day. By nature, I am a cheery person and quite the optimist, so dealing with this bout of depression has been difficult for me. Shannon- your sweet comment the other day, reminded me that there are others out there who love and care for me. As for my health, I wish I had answers for you (and myself). Unfortunately, we are currently without health insurance (but working on getting it) so I have not been to the doctor recently. I have had a massive, at times, migraine-like, headache for almost a week now, so while my previous medical concerns seem to have resolved, I have been struck with a new one, but I will get through it. I have learned several things over the past few weeks and even though I do not feel wonderful physically, my spirit is happy. Thank you again and please know that of all the things I love, it is the people in my life, including all of you, that I love the most.

12 January 2009

MIA: MY apologies, once again

I apologize once again for going missing unannounced. I have had some medical issues that led to some minor depression. The issues are being taken care of and I am hoping I am back on track for good now.