17 January 2009

Shannon and my other readers

I know I have expressed my gratitude in the past to my loyal readers who have stuck by me even through my unexplained, extended absences, but I do not think I can ever say exactly how much you all mean to me. Your kind words and virtual hugs truly brighten my day. By nature, I am a cheery person and quite the optimist, so dealing with this bout of depression has been difficult for me. Shannon- your sweet comment the other day, reminded me that there are others out there who love and care for me. As for my health, I wish I had answers for you (and myself). Unfortunately, we are currently without health insurance (but working on getting it) so I have not been to the doctor recently. I have had a massive, at times, migraine-like, headache for almost a week now, so while my previous medical concerns seem to have resolved, I have been struck with a new one, but I will get through it. I have learned several things over the past few weeks and even though I do not feel wonderful physically, my spirit is happy. Thank you again and please know that of all the things I love, it is the people in my life, including all of you, that I love the most.

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