20 April 2010

Today's Gratitude: Onion grass?

I have recently discovered a plant growing in our yard that I believe is onion grass. I am not positive this is what it is though, as it tastes like a mild garlic and not oniony at all. However, it looks like small green onions and that is how I have been using them. My research has shown that this is considered a weed in many places and it may well be, but in the meantime, we have been harvesting and using what we can. I bring in a few stems each day, wash them and slice them. I have not dug up the bulbs yet, but from what I read, I can slice those as well. I use the green stems to top baked potatoes and to mix into mashed potatoes, and all I can say is yum! The best part is that they impart a garlic flavor without having garlic-breath afterwards. Do any of you use onion grass for culinary purposes, and if so, please share how you use them?

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