12 March 2010

A minor change

I have been trying to keep this blog to only things that I really, really like. Unfortunately, this means I am unable to post as often as I like since there are only so many things I come across that I love that deeply. Due to that, I am going to make a minor change to this blog. I will still be posting things that I love, but I will also be adding things that I am grateful for, even if they are things that I do not necessarily love.

I will start today with my gratitude for the visiting teaching program through my church. This is a program through the women's group, called Relief Society, where each lady is partnered with another and they visit 3 or 4 other women in the church each month. Often they bring along a spiritual message which is always wonderful, but I am especially grateful for the companionship. As a homeschooling mom of four, most of my days are spent only with children. It is so nice to get that monthly visit from adults. I am able to have an adult conversation and to have someone else to share my children's attention. As a visiting teacher, I love being able to serve others and get to them better. It has been a great way to meet the women in my area, especially since we moved here almost a year ago and I did not know very many people. I guess this posting of gratitude is one of something I love. I love the visiting teaching program.

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