22 March 2010

Farm Markets

One of my favorite things about the weather warming up is the abundance of farm markets that open. We do have one in our area that is open year-round, but the number of farmers is very slim during the colder months. However, it is my favorite market to visit once the weather warms and the farmers return. I love fresh fruits and veggies and the beautiful flowers that are brought in. The colors are bright and vibrant and when you see them all together they create a stunning display. Below is a picture my husband took when we were in Seattle at Pike's Place market, not exactly a farm market, but offering many of the same things you can find at one.
I love the abundance of vegetables on the table and just how fresh everything is. At another local farm market, there is a group of Amish women who bring up the most delectable baked goods. Our trips to the farm markets are a family affair and the little ones enjoy getting freshly made donuts or honey sticks from the vendors and sampling the various goods that are available. They can be a little busy, but the people are almost always friendly and the farmers (and their helpers) are usually very helpful.

It is just a few more weeks until the majority of our farm markets will open, but in the meantime, I will keep visiting the one that is open and enjoying all that they offer. I love our weekly trips to the farm market.

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