17 August 2008

Buying new clothes

I love being able to buy myself new clothes, especially when I get them for a great price. Sear's holds a special "Friends and Family" night several times a year. Tonight they had one and it happened to coincide with their summer clothing being deeply discounted. The clothes were already clearance priced 30-50% off their orignal price, but then the sale was for an additional 50% (ladies/womens were 50% off, other apparel departments was an additional 40% off) off the lowest marked price. That additional discount alone made the clothing a great deal, but there is more. On "Friends and Family" night, they take ana dditional 10% off just about anything in the store, including clearance and sale items, PLUS, my husband works for Sears so we got an additional 20% off as his employee discount. I walked out the door with brand new clothes, paying less than I would have for similar, used items at a yard sale. Tonight I found 2 skirts and 3 shirts, with each item costing me about $3. My daughter's also each got a new dress for about $3 each as well. Earlier this week I picked up two more skirts on clearance at another store for $5 each. I already said how much I love deals, so buying new clothes and getting a great deal in the process is a double bonus.

As you can see, I bought several new skirts. Wearing skirts has become another love of mine recently. There is something about wearing a skirt that just makes me feel better about myself and I personally find them extremely comfortable. When I buy new skirts, I get so excited just thinking about wearing them. I also find that when I wear skirts I am more likely to wear brighter, bolder colors and patterns that I normally would not wear. As for the new shirts, those are necessity as my shirts tend to get stained fairly quickly. I do have 4 young children, including one who is still nursing (spit up stains), so it is easy to understand where the stains come from.

The other thing I enjoy about new clothes is that with each outfit, I fell like a different person. When I want to go unnoticed or am having a more active day I will wear something more casual like my capris or a long, khaki skirt with a simple t-shirt. If I am feeling really good about myself I will wear a red shirt with a shorter (not mini, about knee length) skirt with a fun pattern on it. Adding to my wardrobe just helps me to have more ways to express how I am feeling that day. Being that I rarely buy myself anything, it is so nice to get something that is meant only for me and that no one else can "steal". I love buying new clothes.

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