12 August 2008

Aprons, Cooking, and Contests

Ok, this is not my typical what I love post, but it does involve three things that I truly do love so here goes. I found a fellow blogger who is holding a contest to give away a vintage apron and a copy of Martha's Family Cookery Book. There are three ways to earn entries: 1)by posting a link to the contest (here it is) 2)include a wholesome recipe in your post with the contest link and/or 3) (for non bloggers) leave a comment on the contest blog. Well I love giveaways and the chance of winning useful items for free so of course I have to enter.

I also love aprons. They are something I recently began to truly appreciate and I especially like feminine aprons versus BBQ style aprons. Any which way, aprons are a great way to keep clothes clean when cooking and to protect them chemicals when cleaning. I really began to appreciate aprons after I got tired of finding favorite articles of clothing with either tomato sauce stains from cooking or bleach spots from cleaning. They are also just so cute!

So now onto the second part of my contest entry, a wholesome recipe, and another thing that I love, cooking. Cooking for me is such a release. I love taking raw ingredients and blending them together to create something my whole family enjoys. I also enjoy the challenge of using up certain ingredients that otherwise would go to waste. That is how I came to find the recipe I am sharing. Due to copyright concerns(I hope this still counts as an entry), I am linking to the recipe since it is not my own creation. I wanted to get my family eating Brussels Sprouts, but unlike most veggies, I knew they would never eat them plain. One day, I saw this recipe in the USA Weekend insert of our local Sunday paper and then stumbled across it on Allrecipes.com. Every member of my family, from my husband right down to my 20 month old, loves this recipe and now beg for me to buy Brussels Sprouts just so I can make it. So here is the recipe for Sweet & Sour Brussels Sprouts.

There you have it, three things I love rolled into one post and contest entry. I love giveaways and I really hope to win this one since I also truly love cooking and love wearing aprons.


Mountain Morning said...

Can you believe I have never tried brussell sprouts? They have such a bad reputation! :0) I might just have to try them now, your recipe sounds delicious!

Thank you for your post! Your entries for the contest have been noted...and of course this counts even though it's a link. Works for me!

Have a blessed evening!


thediaperdiaries said...

I have been coveting aprons lately. Really need to get one. Thanks for commenting on my blog. You should come over and check out Things I Love Thursday. It would fit really well with your blog :)