12 January 2010

Watching Others Experience Pregnancy

I love watching moms experience pregnancy. It always fills me with joy as I remember my own pregnancies. I have a friend that is expecting her first baby and just found out the gender. Another friend is having her fifth and was just diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I am not rejoicing in her new found medical issues, but I am enjoying helping her find acceptable foods to curb her cravings, such as a new chocolate Jell-O Mousse that is sugar-free to curb the chocolate cravings. I am slightly jealous of all they are experiencing as they feel the new life move inside their belly and the impending moment of meeting this new little member of their family. Of course, I remember the aches and pains of pregnancy as well and when compounded with other medical issues, such as gestational diabetes, I know life is not easy. However, pregnancy is but a short season in our lives, and as difficult as moving around and everyday activities may become, the joys of pregnancy far outweighed the troubles, in my mind anyway. Time will tell if I will have any more children, but for now, I am loving experiencing the pregnancies of those around me, even if it is not first hand.

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