18 December 2009


I love soup! It has a magical way of making you feel better whether you feel sick or are hurting emotionally. There is also such a variety, from cream soups to broth-based soups and they can loaded with whatever you want. I can't even say I have a favorite soup because it varies on my mood. I also love to sit down to a nice, warm bowl of soup on cold days. It just warms you to your core. I love the old Campbell's commercial where the snowman comes inside and sits down for a bowl of soup. As he eats the soup, all the snow melts away and you see a little boy sitting there. Of course, while I enjoy the occasional bowl of Campbell's soup, I much prefer homemade. So whether it be Baked Potato Soup, Italian Wedding Soup, or Chicken Noodle, I love soup.

As I am always looking for new recipes, especially for soup, I would love it if you would share your favorite soup recipes, or at least a link to them.

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