14 December 2009


I love candles and the ambiance they bring to a room. There is just something about the way they flicker and glow that calms me instantly. When they add in a lovely scent, it can stir up memories as well. When they are not lit, candles can bring some color into your decor and they are inexpensive and easy enough to change according to your desires or the season. Candles in a bathroom can make a bubble bath more relaxing or can add to the romance in a bath for two. In the bedroom, candles give off just enough light for you to see each other, yet not so much that anyone has to be self-conscious of their looks. For ones that I do not plan to burn, I generally choose inexpensive ones from a dollar store, but if I do plan to burn them, I splurge on high quality, well scented ones with lead-free wicks. Even though I do buy candles for decor, my favorite candles are the ones I burn. As I type this, I am looking forward to putting the kids to bed tonight so that I can light a few candles and unwind before my husband comes home around 10:30 and then the candles can serve their other purpose of bringing romance to a room. I love candles.

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