20 February 2007

A Good Night's Sleep

As the mother of a 2 month old, I barely remember getting a good night's sleep, but this has only helped me to appreciate them more. I am not asking for 10 or even 8 full hours of sleep, maybe just 6 hours of uninterrupted, solid sleep. The kind where you wake up and are ready to hop out of bed and take on the world, or at least the 5 foot high pile of laundry. I don't even need to get this kind of sleep every night, just once in a while, often enough to recharge my batteries before they are totally drained. To make matters worse, my beloved baby has not been feeling well and I am going on night #4 of her waking every hour and not wanting to go back to sleep. Not only am I not getting a good night's sleep, I am barely getting ANY sleep and I walk around like a zombie the next day. Well, at least I can daydream (since real dreams require sleep) about curling up under my nice warm blanket, laying my head on my fluffy pillow, inhaling the scent of freshly laundered sheets, closing my eyes and drifting of to a full night of uninterrupted sleep. Man, I love a good night's sleep.

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