07 November 2008

My anniversary and a GREAT mail box

Yesterday was my 9th wedding anniversary. I have written before about how wonderful my husband is and I just want to say again how thankful I am to have married such an amazing man. The past 9 years have not been perfect, but I am very happy and look forward to many more years married to this man.

For our anniversay, my husband took the kids and I to a favorite restaurant of mine in Erie, PA. That made for quite a drive (2.5 hours one way), but we made a day of it and it was rather enjoyable. Plus, I enjoy long drives with my husband because it gives us a chance to talk. When we returned home, it looked like Santa Claus had been to my house. I had 2 medium-sized boxes, a large cushioned envelope, 1 small box, several catalogs (I LOVE to look through catalogs), and a few other pieces of mail all sitting in front of my door. I gathered it all up and brought it inside. Since I am one who saves the best for last, I decided to go through the mail first. There were NO bills, that always makes for a nice mail day! A few pieces were junk mail and were immediately shredded/recycled and a few were things to do later, but one I got excited about was a survey from the Wegman's (a local grocery store) in Chili (pronounced Ch"eye"l"eye", not like the food, it is a nearby town). The pharmacy there wants to know how they are doing and since I have prescriptions there, I received this VERY easy and short survey to fill out. When I turn it in, I will receive a $5 Wegman's gift card, easy enough for me!

Now, onto the packages. The small box was a Huggies sample with a diaper and samples of their baby lotion and baby bath. I love samples! The envelope was a full-size package of chewable Pedia-Lax tablets and a Pedia-Lax pen that I had won a few weeks ago on another blog's giveaway. The next box I opened was from BzzzAgent and was my campaign packet for Aromaglow. It is a cute candle and shade set, valued between $15-$18. I will post more about it (with pictures) once I actually use it. I also received my host package for the pre-Holiday Party through House Party. It was full of CD's for me and several sampler CD's for my guests. It also had a great Philadelphia cream cheese recipe tin full of recipe cards. Again, I will post more about this stuff after the party.

All in all, I got a lot of fun things yesterday and got to celebrate one of the best decisions I ever made. It was a very nice day!

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