05 November 2008

Mr Clean Magic Eraser and the USA

Ok, these two things do not go together, but last night while I was waiting to hear the election results, I decided to start cleaning up our walls since we are moving in a few weeks. I decided to try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Extra Strength that I had received as a sample a little while back. You can read my review of it on my other blog, The Happy Wife, but I will tell you that I love it!

Now on to the next part. As you know, yesterday was election day here in the USA. I grew up always believing that it is my civic duty to vote, but never really understood what a privilege it is. Not everyone I voted for won, but some did and for that I am thankful. As for the others, I can live with them in power and, since I voted, I have the "right" to complain about them too. Not that everyone does not have the right to complain, but personally, I respect the opinion of someone who actually participates in the process much more than someone who doesn't. It is kind of like the person who constantly complains about their weight as they are scarfing down a hot fudge sundae. I am sorry they feel bad about themself, but I feel worse for the person who is eating right and doing what they can for exercise and is still unable to lose weight and I can respect the feelings of woe from the one who is actually trying. Anyway, I am just thankful that we live in a country where we are not told who will rule us, that we can actually choose who will represent us in government. Theoretically, anyone can grow up to hold a public office. You do not have to be born a Kennedy or a Bush to do it and as we have now seen, you do not have to be a specific race or a specific gender. Most offices do not even have age limits, as long as you are a legal adult of 18 (35 for president of the US) or more. You can come from a wealthy family or a poor one, you just may have to work a bit harder than others if you have less money.

While this year proved to be a good one for the Democrats, at least on a national level, many of them acknowledged they are aware there are still many people out there who are more conservative and that they have a duty to represent the conservative side of things too. I am not sure what the next 4 years will bring, but I am glad to live here to find out.

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