22 August 2009


I love wearing skirts. They help me feel feminine and are less restrictive than pants. Long skirts are great for activities that may require bending or getting on the ground, but I prefer knee-length or just below knee-length for day-to-day activities. I especially like fun designs on my skirts. Well, today, I came across a blog, Supermom Central, and she is hosting a giveaway for a cute outfit for girls (sizes 6-10) from DownEast Basics. The outfit you can win is a long-sleeved lace (trimmed) tee shirt and a skirt, but they also have GREAT clothes for women too, including some really cute skirts. My favorite is the Sabbatical Skirt shown below. It is fun, feminine, and PINK (my favorite color).

They also have clothes for plus-sizes, maternity and for men too. Their prices are reasonable and their sale section is huge with prices comparable to Sears clearance prices. I love good prices on skirts.

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